Time Flies


“The bad news is time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.” -Michael Altahuler

Again much time has flown since my last post. Perhaps I didn’t steer my ship to the right direction. Or perhaps I was resting to gain strength to again tackle the challenges of life.

Now I have a strategy to better manage my time.

The strategy is: In the morning (or the night before) I write 3 things that I will accomplish in the day, (hopefully before lunch.) The first task for me is meditation, second is to work on FeelHearty and the third is to work and promote another website that I’m working on.

This post is the result of this strategy. I took this strategy from the excellent book by Michael R. Clarke – Time Management Made [Stupidly] Easy.

This strategy has worked wonders for me, I hope it will do for you as well #FeelHearty

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