Huawei Watch D

Huawei Watch D Review

With the arrival of the Huawei Watch D it seems that my long search for the perfect gadget to keep track of my blood pressure is over. Monitoring ECG and SpO2 are a plus. This watch was introduced in late 2021, it came to UAE in mid 2022.

Here are the noticeable features of this watch and why I think it may be suitable for the people of my age-group.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

This is the first watch in the series to boast a rectangular design. All the previous devices in the series were round. It seems to be because of the fact that it has a mini state-of-the-art pump inside it along with an airbag strap to accurately measure the BP. According to the website the blood pressure monitor has an accuracy range within +- 3 mm Hg. Practically it has been found to be within +- 10 mm Hg, which is good if you need to keep track of your BP on the go and don’t want to carry your main BP measuring instrument all the time. All the blood pressure readings are plotted inside of the Huawei Health app. Based on official guidelines the app indicates normal or high blood pressure over time.

You just need to tap the blood pressure widget on the screen or use the side button. You will then be instructed how to take a reliable reading. It takes around 30 seconds for a reading and you feel the strap gently contracting around your wrist indicating that it’s taking a reading.

One more plus point is that you can program the watch to remind you at pre-set times say at wakeup and bedtime to take the BP reading. I find this feature very convenient as I usually miss taking my readings regularly. This feature is also particularly useful for the elderly members of the family. In addition to regularly taking BP readings the accompanying Huawei Health App makes it easy to share the health data between the family members. Having the Huawei watch for your elderly parents will reduce at least some of your worries regarding their health.

ECG Monitoring

One more amazing feature of the Watch D is its ECG monitoring feature. The second button i.e. the Health button has a built-in ECG (Electrocardiogram) sensor which is activated when you place your finger on it. The watch also incorporates a mechanism that reminds the user to take the ECG measurement once abnormal heartbeats, more precisely atrial or ventricular premature beats are detected. You can see the ECG graph on the watch along with your heart rate in beats per minute.

Here is an unboxing video from the Gulf News demonstrating different features of this watch including ECG monitoring:

Health App

The Health app that comes with the watch is divided into five main sections: Health, Training, Discover, Devices, and Account.
You can view all the collected Blood Pressure monitoring, ECG etc. data under the Health section.
You can plan new workouts and view the progress under the Training section.
The Discover section presents various training plans and challenges. Some of the features of this section are associated with the paid Health+ plan. You do get a free three-months trial along with your purchase.
The Devices section allows you to add new devices to the app, and these devices are not limited to just a smartwatch.
The Account section presents you with weekly and monthly reports, training plans and other related data.

Extra Features

When the covid hit one of the necessary gadget in every preppers arsenal was SpO2 monitor (tracks blood oxygen.) Thanks to Watch D this monitor is built-in. The watch also continuously keeps track of of your body temperature. It’s sensitive enough to detect temperature changes when you get a flu etc.
It also has breathing prompts to calm down for a minute or two when needed. It also advises you to timely drink water.

Missing Features

If you are a music buff you will definitely miss the capability to play music. There is no eSim or LTE to get direct access to any 4G network. You will also miss advanced running metrics, swim metrics etc. which are generally available in other Huawei smart watches.

The watch is now available for Dh1,599 at Huawei Experience Stores, e-shop and select retailers in the UAE. It also comes with 20 per cent off on Huawei Care Accidental Damage Protection and complimentary GCC multi countries warranty worth of Dh129.


If you are above 50 or have any blood pressure related issues then this watch would be one of the essential gadgets. If you are below that age then you may want to have a look at the Huawei GT3.

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