Feel Hearty and live an Active Lifestyle - Use Social Media to reduce stress levels but practice better Time management

Feel Hearty and live an Active Lifestyle – Use Social Media to reduce stress levels but practice better Time management

Our feeling of happiness is so much dependent upon the stress levels we carry. When we adopt an Active Lifestyle and share our achievements and improvements through social media it inspires our friends to improve their lives too. It’s like the saying one should be surrounded by happy and positive people.

I also recently came across this study published by Pew Research Center recently:

No increased stress from heavier social media use

According to this study:

“There is no statistical difference in stress between men who use social media, cell phones or the Internet and men who do not.

But among women, stress levels are 21 percent lower for those who use Twitter several times a day, send or receive 25 emails a day, and share two digital photos daily, the survey showed.”

I have always encouraged people to use the modern technologies including internet and social media platforms for spreading their positive actions and happy moments in life. Every small improvement or happiness could be shared. Once you share and you receive appreciation for it, you want to do more positive things.

However, although social media use does not increase the stress levels directly, indirectly it may affect your life, if you are spending too much time on it and not on other important and urgent things in your life. Here are few tips for better Time management with regards to social media usage:

a) Dedicated and limit a certain amount of time each day for social media updates, sharing and catch up.

b) Don’t take a notice of all notifications pop-ups on your social media feeds. Disable these pop ups if you can. I find noticing these pop-ups creates a sense of urgency to respond to matters of little importance. This keeps you in stress mode as you are trying to multi-task and juggle in between your other important activities. Do one important thing at a time.

c) Don’t forward unnecessary forwards that you receive from other friends. Yes, there are hundreds of very interesting videos going around every day, every hour. We all have limited times and if you want to share something, please share something about your own achievement or moment of happiness prior to forwarding crazy cat videos or DIY video of how to make a shishah at home or a stupid plane crash video. Think first, if it has wasted Y number of minutes for you to watch it. Does it qualify to waste (Y times the number of friends you have in your circle) minutes?

d) if you really feel something may be of interest to some people, share it individually or group. Don’t post it on your wall.

e) Refrain from shares that ask you to solve any quizzes, do questionnaires to show you your personality type. These are mostly time wasters and you share your important personal information along with your contacts to makers of such apps.

f) Don’t invite me to play Candy crush or new Pirate Game! Invite me to have a walk or any sports and Active lifestyle activity outside.




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