Strength Training Dangers – Gym Warning by The National Daily

My mantra has been “Feel Hearty”, “Be Fit and Be Safe”, “Train slower to become faster”.

I am delighted The National recently published my comments and story in their article about “Gym warning for UAE office workers“.

“I could not start the exercise routine as I would hurt myself and give up for a few months. I have learnt to train slower to become faster,” Mr Ahmed said.  “I was logging my activities and I noticed that after doing strength training in the gym, my heart rate and blood pressure shot up. That defeats my purpose of improving my health.  “I would rather do something slowly and do it on a continuous basis than injure myself.”

I suggest to do a baseline of your health parameters (heart checkup, blood pressure, glucose levels and other tests prescribed by your GP). Also do a baseline of your physical strengths, physical size and fitness tests. Most of the gyms offer these fitness tests in their premises. However, what gym instructors fail to provide are the right guidance as per your individual physical and medical background. Now with available mhealth technologies one can monitor these parameters closely and adapt their training programs accordingly to improve their healths. Another mantra that I preach both in my profession and health advise is : “You have to measure, if you want to improve”  whether you want to lose weight, improve stamina, improve fitness or improve health and happiness. You need to start measuring it.



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