5 Best Reasons to keep Exercising and Feel Hearty

Everyone knows that exercise is important. I suggest to exercise different parts of your body, because it would lead to a healthy lifestyle. However, there are many times that we may find it difficult to keep motivated to start or even keep up to our exercise routine. I do, too. So, I  will share with you at least 5 good reasons to keep exercising.


  1. Reduces stress. Exercise is a great mood booster, and it keeps you energized. I have noticed if I am feeling low and if at that time I hit the gym or do some sort of exercise, I start feeling hearty.  As we exercise, our body releases different chemicals like endorphins that relieves stress and pains. It also help us to focus, concentrate, and be more productive. So, having a hard day at work? Hit the gym!


  1. Boosts your confidence. One of the main reasons why we start exercising is to transform out physique. Exercise burns calories, which helps in shedding pounds and controlling our weight. As I exercise, I noticed that it improves my metabolism and it stays like that while you are not doing anything – meaning that I continue burning calories while at rest. Likewise, exercise increases blood flow in my body which in return, keep my skin cells nourished as it improves skin tones and make it vital. The effect may not be seen in an instant but sticking to a consistent exercise routine can produce a good output and a sense of achievement.


  1. Keeps you fit. Exercise makes you stronger and lessen the chances of having cardio-vascular diseases. Regular exercise boosts my overall fitness, and in turn, improves my immune system and makes me more resilient to common illnesses, like coughs and colds. It also strengthens my muscles and bones, that lowers my odds of getting osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases. As I kept on doing regular and aerobic exercise, it improves my endurance. Recently, I do not have a hard time walking or even running for long miles, because my body already got accustomed to this type of exercise, thus improving my endurance and make me feel hearty all the time.


  1. Makes you healthy. Exercise comes with many health benefits. It reduces the risk of major illnesses by lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It improves digestion because it improves blood flow in our body. It makes me improve my eating habits, since I do not want my efforts into keeping up to a regular exercise go to waste. If you and I keep this up, we can say our goodbyes to major health diseases for quite some time.


  1. Makes you happy. American Heart Foundation conducted a research which found out that every hour you do regular exercise, increases your life expectancy of about two hours! If that doesn’t make you happy and hearty, what will? It also enhances the quality of sleep that I have. The more I tire-out myself with exercise, the easier it will be for me to hit the hay. It can be a form of socialization as well. During my exercise routines, I were able to meet new people that shares similar hobbies, and we do exercise together. It is also free. You do not have to sign up to a gym membership for you to exercise. It can be done in simplest way: walking around your neighborhood, cycling, even doing sit-ups in your living room. Make the most out of it to feel healthy!


Keeping up to an exercise routine can take a toll on us especially if we have so many tasks to accomplish and our schedule is full. Remember to take one small step at a time. It can start with a simple dumbbell lifting while watching television, until such time you can find a time in your schedule. Just make sure to incorporate exercise to keep healthy and feel hearty.

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