Time to level Up!

One of the biggest reasons of not living the life of our dreams is that we keep our standards low.

You may have heard that in order to live a peaceful and tranquil life we should not look at the person above us, instead we should look at the person below us.

In my opinion if we don’t look at:

Who is ahead of us?

Who is living a better life?

Who has made his positive impact on this world by living a purposeful life etc.? We can’t advance in our lives.

It’s just like Microsoft and Linux. If Linux didn’t adopt MS strategy of giving users a rich user graphics experience, no one would be using Linux. But by comparing themselves to Windows, Linux has vastly improved its UI in the form of Ubuntu and other flavors. It’s a healthy competition.

I’m also not asking you to compare your life to others, or envy others for what they have, but you must set high standards in life and never settle for less. You can’t set high standards if you don’t look at who is ahead of you in life.

The first and foremost standard that you should raise is YOU. It’s not primarily about money or where you live, it’s primarily about who you are? It’s about your personality (Operating System), your self-worth.

Upgrade to the best version of YOU and #FeelHearty

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