I’ve been a compulsive eater (more precisely over-eater) all my life.

For most part of my life I’ve been emotionally tempted to eat.

I ate whenever I felt bored.

I ate whenever I saw something delicious in the fridge.

I ate whenever I walked past a patisserie and saw delicious pizzas, donuts, cakes, pastries etc.

I ate whenever I saw someone eat on television or in my office.

This list is almost endless.

How did I overcame my over indulgence with eating?

Simple. I just started asking these two questions:

Before eating anything I just ask myself:
Are you hungry Shahzad?
If my answer is “No,”” I don’t eat.

While eating I keep on asking myself with each bite:
Are you still hungry Shahzad?
If my answer is “No” I stop eating, no matter how much stuff is still in my plate.

If you ask these simple questions before and while you eat nothing on earth can keep you from becoming slim #FeelHearty

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