Quality VS. Quantity

The true worth of life is measured by the quality of your character, not by the quantity of your possessions.

Let me be a bit open about it. Let’s suppose you’re a big corrupt politician having all sorts of possessions, big houses, expensive cars etc. You earned it all via corruption and people know about it. Tell me would a girl genuinely fall in love with you? Tell me would your wife or even child genuinely love you? Sorry it won’t be. In that case love will just be an illusion. If someone will profess your love, it won’t be for what you are but it will be for the love of your possessions. And that love will leave you when you no longer have those possessions.

It’s through your genuine character, your true tenacity, courage, commitment and perseverance someone will love you and respect you for what you really are and that’s called true love. Though it is very hard to earn that kind of love but it’s worth striving for #FeelHearty

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