Today before posting for FeelHearty I checked my last post. It was made on 19th December 2016 and today is 20th January. It seems I’ve been walking in the darkness for around a month or so.

For me each FeelHearty post is a ray of light that above anyone else shows me the light in the pitch darkness of ignorance. I hope it will show you too. Now I’ll be regular in my FeelHearty posts.

You are the master of your destiny. You’re made up of the same stuff with which all the great and successful Titans were built; whether they were Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Socrates, Newton, Galileo etc. or were they Cleopatra, Madam Curie, Helen Keller, Mother Teresa etc.

You can do anything you want to. Yes you can! #FeelHearty

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