challenges of life

The Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong is regularly listed in the world’s most highly valued hotels with regards to customer services and guest satisfaction.

When its General Manager was once asked “what’s your secret?” He replied:

“Maybe it’s because we give our front-line people the authority to say ‘yes’ to customers. But we don’t give them the authority to say ‘no.” If they feel they need to say ‘no’ to a customer request, they have to seek permission from their manager first.”

It’s same with our lives. The more we say Yes to the challenges we are thrown every day, the higher we climb the ladder of happiness, fame and fortune. The more we say No to the challenges of life, the more we stay in our comfort zone, the more we are safe from a heartbreak but the lesser we climb the ladder of evolution and the lesser opportunities we get to #FeelHearty.

Say YES to the challenges of life – #FeelHearty

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