Train, monitor and endure

During my mhealth cycling tour in 2013 I biked more than 800 kms with average of more than 150 kms per day in five countries – Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain.

I was able to do it only after channeling my training toward achieving my daily goal of around 100 kms per day. Before starting my training I was nowhere close to the fittness level required for the tour. I even thought that I was just doing a futile job and I’d never be able to become fit for the tour. But I kept on monitoring my fitness level and kept on improving my endurance day by day.

Moral of this story is “slow and steady does win the race.” Well, if not win at least complete the race. Had I not endured my training slowly, steadily, day by day, gradually improving upon my stamina, I would never be able to complete the tour in flying colors.

Train, monitor and endure – till you #FeelHearty

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