The Golden Rule

“The law of giving is very simple. If you want joy, give joy. If love is what you seek, offer love.” Deepak Chopra

Remember giving always starts from YOU and receiving also starts from YOU.

There is an inner child inside all of us and that child loves to receive. But usually we become so much preoccupied with keeping others happy that we forget to keep “I” happy.

How much do you love your inner child? How much preference and importance do you give to that child?

When you receive money in your bank account do you pay yourself first or do you pay your bills first?

What was the last gift you gave to YOU?

Remember if you are presented with a choice to make you happy or to make someone else happy go for making yourself happy, even if it makes someone else unhappy. If that person really loves you, then your happiness should make that person happy as well #FeelHearty

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