Sharpen first your mind and everything will follow

Every man sees the world according to his own map he created in his mind. His understanding of the world is based upon his map, not on the world itself. That map is created based upon information fed and personal experiences and this information can, of course, be right or wrong.

While making a map we do three things:

1. We add information based upon observation.

2. We make generalizations. For e.g. sea or lake is always represented by blue, roads by black etc. Similarly, we make generalizations while making personal maps. For e.g. ice is always cold. And if we get ditched in love, we generalize every woman is a cheat, which is obviously wrong.

3. We distort information. A map of a country is never of the size of that country. It’s always distorted to very small proportions.

In order to live a fruitful life, you must know that your view of this world is very much distorted, as well as of the person you are dealing with. The broader you map of life, the more you understand other people’s maps of life, the more successful you will be in life #FeelHearty

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