Setbacks makes an ingredient for a great success story

The charm of life is in its uncertainty. Had life been certain it would’ve been so dull.

One problem that arises due to this uncertainty is that we often miss the opportunity life throws at us. It’s because we were looking in a different direction or the opportunity we got was very different from what we were expecting. For instance, we were looking for a raise in our job, instead, our job-hours got cutback resulting in reduced salary.

Apparently the above situation may seem to be a setback. The reality is this: real opportunities are usually hidden in the form of setbacks. In the above incident, though our job hours may be cut, our income may get low but it’s a big opportunity to start a new side business. and it may get so successful that it may even relieve us from our job.

You don’t know what kind of fish will eat your bait, but you do know that your persistence will get you a fish – eventually.

Be open to opportunities/possibilities and #FeelHearty.

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