When I was a child, Bumper Cars in one of city’s amusement parks was my second favorite ride (first was a self-drive children’s car.) If you’re in a bumper car with 10-20 other cars how would you avoid collisions with other cars? It’s a very simple trick; you just need to look where you need to go to steer clear. If you stare on other cars it is very likely that you will collide with one of the cars.

It’s same in life. If you keep on staring/thinking about the obstacle ahead, you will risk crashing into it. But if you let go your attachment and instead look for other alternatives, it’s most likely that you will get something much bigger and much better than what you left behind.

Be optimistic, your world never ends at one place. Did you forget that your world is not flat? It’s ROUND – #FeelHearty

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