For me pursuing my goals has never worked as I desired. It just sucked running after my goals whether they be related to money or body weight or anything.

Why running after your goals suck and seldom works?

Why it’s so difficult to pursue the goal of adding $5000 more to your permanent income or permanently losing 5-10 pounds out of your weight?

It’s very simple.

To pursue the goal to earn $5000 more in your income you must first admit that your current income is insufficient to support your needs. It’s an admission in a sort of sense that you are poor. Likewise if you make your goal to lose 5-10 pounds out of your body weight, first you must admit that you’re overweight.

The easiest way to achieve a goal is just to forget about it and focus on your input.

Now if I want to earn more money I don’t pursue a goal, instead I focus on the quality of my work. If my work is good and sale-able I will automatically earn more.

Similarly I’m not after decreasing my weight, instead now my workout focus is just my health.

Once we forget about goals, only then we can focus on ourselves and get past our expectations. #FeelHearty

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