I’ve noticed that the day when I rise early, use my body to its full potential, do cycling for a couple of hours I feel fresh even at night.

And I feel exhausted by evening after a sedentary day of work at office.

The question is why and how my body feels more tired when I didn’t use it much and used my mind instead?

The answer is that the coffee, meals, environmental toxins, radiation from computer screen and cellphones etc. accumulate in my body throughout the day. They all add up to the toxins accumulated the previous day. When these toxins are not flushed properly I feel tired and exhausted, and so will you.

Remember there are 4 avenues for your #bodydetox: Breath, blood, sweat, and lymph fluids. Exercises like running cycling and even morning walk cater to all these avenues.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and #FeelHearty

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