You get life only once in an eternity. If you want to live a real meaningful life then you need to think in terms of eternities.

Let’s say you went to a church or a mosque or a temple yesterday or last week. Can you tell me what utility would God have of your prayers in say from a hundred thousand years from now? Or just an hour after you left your place of worship?

You better answer it yourself.

Now let’s suppose for a moment that God is your boss. What you did yesterday or last week in your office must benefit your boss in terms of dollars. But what will be the value of your work after a 100 or a thousand or a million years from now?

Null, zero, zilch.

My point is whatever you do in your life stands to almost null in a hundred years from now, and absolutely nothing after a million years from now.

There is only one thing in our lives that lingers on for millions or billions of years.

It’s called love #FeelHearty.

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