Happiness is not a goal… it’s a by-product of a life well lived.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

For me life is just a quest for happiness. When I think about my childhood, little things like toffees, chocolates, toys used to make me happy. Similarly small things like not getting an equal share of my sweets, parents setting my television hours, little quarrels with my friends made me very unhappy.

When I grew up bigger things used to give me happiness like cars, apartment, love etc. I won’t say about other people but if I compare my childhood with my adulthood, I am happier now.

I do believe that Newton’s first law of motion or inertia also works in terms of happiness. This law states that a body will continue to be in a state of rest or uniform motion unless and until a force acts upon it.

When I grew up my happiness grew bigger with me. Now it is very difficult to stop me being in my state of happiness as I think I made some hard decisions in my life earlier that set my motion in the direction of happiness.

When I see people getting enraged over petty issues of life, I know that their happiness hasn’t gained enough momentum yet.

Keep sticking to the right path till you gain such momentum that nothing could interfere with your inner sense of happiness – #FeelHearty.

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